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Water Well Drilling & More

Water Well Drilling Services in Central Alberta for You!

Family owned and run, Cliff’s Drilling Ltd. has been in business for over 40 years. Our fully licensed and insured technicians are all experienced in drilling water wells in and around Central Alberta. We’ve gained hundreds of clients over the years thanks to clean drinking water produced from our properly designed water wells. We use PVC casing in the majority of our well installations. Unlike steel casings, PVC prevents corrosion, which means it won’t need a replacement for generations. If you’re looking for water well drilling services in Central Alberta, look no further than us. From well plugging and repairs to pump pressure system installations, we’re your source for potable on-property water solutions.

Cliff’s Drilling Ltd.

Decades of Experience

Cliff’s Drilling really began in the 1940s when Walter Buelow started drilling water wells near Bashaw, Alberta. Today, Clifford and son Phillip Buelow have refined traditional well drilling techniques to fit various properties. Our team of hardworking, courteous journeymen is proud to offer personalized services with expert workmanship.

The Right Water System for Your Property

Every water well owner should feel confident in the safety and upkeep of their system. We believe it is our responsibility at Cliff’s Drilling to help you protect your investment by educating and advising you on what well system works best for your property.

If you have any questions about your well, we invite you to ask Cliff or Phil at any time during and after the construction process. Call us today to schedule your free site consultation and estimate.

Water Well Drilling

Trust Cliff’s Drilling for all your water well needs.

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